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Onze bankgegevens


Rabo bankrekening : NL79RABO0169912272 tnv. Dutch Viking Group B.V. te Hoensbroek (NL). Vermeld aub het bestelnummer bij de overboeking. U vindt het bestelnummer in het onderwerp van de bevestigings-email.

For international transactions please transfer to our following dutch account (using the option 'shared' to avoid international fees) :

Also use the IBAN or SWIFT (BIC) code to avoid international fees:


BIC ( = SWIFT address):   RABONL2U
account no. : 169912272 ; Beneficiary: Dutch Viking Group B.V. ; City: Hoensbroek ; Country : The Netherlands

Please mention your order number on the transfer. You find your order number in the subject of the confirmation email.